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Nathaniel Drew - Thumbnail submissions

   Hi ! I hope you will like these thumbnails I made !


   I thought of multiple routes I could go with this but I settled on one single style that is not too far from yours. It was kind of hard because I would have loved to have a back and forth to really know what you would have wanted.

   I basically know everything quite well in photoshop and if there are things I still don't know (and there are) I can still learn them ! I included a before and after of one of my images to let you see what kind of work I can do to showcase a little bit my photoshop skills.  I am not principally a photoshop artist but I know my way around photography (main intrest), videography and graphic design.

A little reminder that life is beautiful

A little reminder that life is beautiful

Loved the visuals for this video. I found that the original thumbnail was really good but to change a little bit I didn't use the same shot of lighthouse.

How to deal with boredom.jpg

How to deal with boredom (especially right now!)

Since the main message of this video was that you need to pay attention and not seek it, I decided to go with the catch phrase "Pay attention". For the image choice I thought that an image of yourself working on what you love was a great idea !

What getting 1 million subscribers taugh

what getting 1 million subscribers has taught me

I had multiple ideas for this one but ended up using almost the same image as the original one because I didn't find anything in the video to screenshot that conveyed the message better. I find that the lens flares might be a little much for this one I must say !


To see the images a bit better:

What it would look like

What it would look like.jpg

my own kind of work


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